USA Best Book Awards!!!!!

I’m absolutely over-the-moon. The 2018 USA Best Book Awards results were announced. Privilege Through the Looking-Glass is the winner in the category anthologies nonfiction. It’s also been honored as a finalist in the categories multicultural nonfiction and education/academic. This honor belongs entirely to the contributors. Their brave, bold, and brilliant writing inspired me and it’s clearly inspiring others. I extend my sincere thanks to the publishing team at Brill/Sense for their continued support of justice-oriented, creative, scholarship. I also have to say that during this particular historical moment, in which social injustice, hate, and intolerance are increasingly commonplace, I’m especially heartened by this recognition. The contributors in this volume show the very human side of issues related to privilege, oppression, and injustice. This is an open-hearted book that helps build a bridge forward. Above all, I think the authors show the importance of compassion and empathy. By shining a light on this book, the awards committee has made a beautiful and much-needed statement about respecting differences.

I can’t believe it, but the good news doesn’t end there. The Handbook of Arts-Based Research is the winner in the category education/academic. It’s also been honored as a finalist in the categories anthologies nonfiction, art, and performing arts. Again, this honor belongs entirely to the contributors. Their creative, innovative, and border-crossing work is changing the research landscape for the better. These folks inspire me beyond words and I know their work inspires countless others. I’m enormously grateful to the publishing team at Guilford Press for their exemplary work on this book, their support of the arts, and their kindness towards me over the many years we have worked together. And again, I have to say, the timing of this award and the category in which we were recognized, is extremely meaningful. At a time when the arts and artists are under attack, this is a most welcome nod. It’s particularly meaningful being selected as the top education/academic book. handbook-arts-based-research-cover

It’s truly an embarrassment of riches and I’m enormously grateful. These books were labors of loved worked on over a period of years. We didn’t do this work for awards and had no expectations. Even after the nominations, we all felt these were underdogs to receive any recognition, let alone all of this. It’s tremendous.

Awards aside, this fall has been a busy time. I’m the November blogger for the National Art Education Association Monthly Mentor Blog. My four short blogs are all about different aspects of arts-based research. You can follow the blog here:

mcgill signingI also delivered a keynote address at McGill University last month at the “Arts as an Agent for Social Change” Symposium. I had an absolutely wonderful time and want to thank the Artful Inquiry Research Group for hosting me and the bookstore staff for running my book signing. I looooved speaking with so many researchers, artists, and students at the book signing. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who waited in line to chat with me, get a book signed, and take a photo. I had a blast and left inspired beyond words. McGill line

As for what’s next, right now I’m busy writing and gearing up for the March 1 release of my novel, Spark. This book is like nothing I’ve done before and I’m completely in love with it. Can’t wait to share more. In the meantime, thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming on this journey with me.

Love and light,

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