The Social Fictions Series

It’s been an exciting time for the Social Fictions series. I am so honored to share that I have been nominated for a Special Achievement Award given by the American Creativity Association, in recognition of my work advancing arts-based research in the public domain and for the Social Fictions series. A heartfelt thank you to the series authors and colleagues who wrote letters on my behalf. I am elated that the series is receiving this kind of attention.  The Social Fictions series is the first of its kind and emerged out of the arts-based research movement. All of the series books are written in literary forms but based on research and teaching experiences.  Always wanting to expand the bounds, our latest release is our first foray into creative nonfiction. Unfolding the Unexpectedness of Uncertainty: Creative Nonfiction and the Lives of Becoming Teachers by Dr. Anita Sinner is a beautiful book that presents the stories if three women as they became art teachers over their certification year. Anita was interviewed about the book and I was very touched by her words:

“Through this series, Patricia Leavy, Series Editor, has created a space alongside traditional academic texts that is uniquely original, recognizing and promoting the vitality and validity of creative expression as research, and how the literary arts represent research-creation. Patricia Leavy’s pioneering efforts are reshaping, redefining and revitalizing the scholarly landscape by pushing the boundaries of the concept of research and knowledge production. Each book in the Social Fiction series increases our understandings by bringing storytelling to the fore. Such interpretative and imaginative practice is at the heart of the Social Fiction series, highlighting why this series represents a key contribution to knowledge mobilization and dissemination beyond the academy.”

You can read her full interview here which includes a link to the book’s webpage:

Sense Publishers was also profiled by and owner Peter de Liefde announced that my novel Low-Fat Love, the launch book in the Social Fictions series, is their top selling title to date. Wow! I am deeply humbled and honored. That book was a labor of love and I am grateful that readers have found the book. I continue to receive emails and notes from new readers, who often share their own stories of low-fat love. I’m so touched that the book has resonated and readers have used it as a springboard for self-reflection. You can read Peter de Liefde’s interview here:

I am in the midst of promoting my second novel in the series, American Circumstance, which I must confess is my personal favorite of my books. I want to thank the radio hosts who have invited me on their programs. Looks like the next couple of weeks will be busy. I am thrilled that American Circumstance has already received book award nominations, both fiction and scholarly, and I am honored to announce that Sense has contracted me to release an expanded anniversary edition of the book in 2017. More details forthcoming.

With all of the momentum our series is gaining Sense recently put a spotlight in the series with the following press release:

I am so proud of the Social Fictions series and grateful for my creative partnership with Sense Publishers. I look forward to growing the series, expanding my partnership with Sense, talking more about American Circumstance, and sharing more details about my upcoming books.

Love and Light,


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