Spring/Summer Roundup

I had such a busy spring traveling to conferences and book events that I’ve taken the summer to hideaway with my loved ones, reading and writing. I’ve already read eight novels and I’ve nearly written one of my own. I’ve been delinquent on keeping up with my blog. I hope you understand. But it’s been an exciting time so I’m thrilled to share some highlights. AERA brill book signing

AERA award

In April I attended AERA in my favorite city, New York. I had a wonderful time meeting readers at both my Brill/Sense and Guilford Press book signings. Huge thank yous to everyone who attended! I was also profoundly honored receiving the AERA Significant Contribution to Educational Measurement and Methodology Award for Method Meets Art Second Edition. The timing made it all the more meaningful. In this time when the arts and artists are under attack and yet needed perhaps more than ever before, I’m enormously grateful and humbled the AERA Division D decided to honor arts-based research in this way. Method Meets Art just turned 10 too, so this is quite the birthday celebration. MMA2 has just been translated into Polish too! I’m so grateful to the translators and foreign publishers around the world that I’m blessed to work with.
ICQI Taiwanese friends
May was also a wonderful time to connect with friends, colleagues, and readers from around the globe. Thank you to everyone who waited in line at my Guilford book signing at the ICQI conference in Illinois! I was thrilled to meet so many interesting scholars and readers from South America, Europe, and Asia, as well as those from closer to home. I’m also grateful to the folks who attended and participated in our session celebrating the Handbook of Arts-Based Research. I had a wonderful time doing a workshop on writing fiction as research later in May at the Narrative in Music Education conference in Boston. It was my first time returning to Boston University, my alma mater. Huge thanks to everyone who attended my book signing! I felt like I was meeting old friends.

This has also been a humbling time. I’m elated to share that the International Book Awards were announced and the Handbook of Arts-Based Research was honored as an award-winning finalist in four categories: anthologies– nonfiction, art, education/academic, and performing arts. It’s an embarrassment of riches because the American Fiction Awards were just announced and my novel Blue was honored as an award-winning finalist in two categories: inspirational fiction and chick-lit/women’s lit. Low-Fat Love Stories was honored as an award-winning finalist in the short story category. I love writing fiction and these were special projects for me, so I’m truly grateful for the recognition.
NYC Guilford lunch
I’ve also had two wonderful visits to the Guilford Press office in NYC. I can’t overstate what a privilege it is to work with such an outstanding publishing team. They are brilliant and their support means the world to me. I had the best time during both of my visits: signing a new contract, picking up page proofs for my forthcoming novel, Spark (it’s gorgeous), and having lunch meetings with the trade marketing and sales teams. We are all so excited about our plans for releasing Spark (coming March 1, 2019). It’s their first novel and it’s unlike anything I’ve written before. I’m madly in love with it and just buuursting to share it.

In the meantime, I have a new book coming out in a matter of days. My coauthored book Contemporary Feminist Research from Theory to Practice is a one-stop shop for readers interested in engaging in feminist research. We cover history, theory from around the globe, ethics, methods and research design, writing for academic and public audiences, and activism. We also provide a range of additional resources. I’m especially proud that the book applies an intersectional approach, uses non-binary language, has contemporary examples throughout, and includes digital feminism and other current developments. I honestly think it’s a terrific textbook or resource for the bookshelf of any researcher. I’m thrilled Guilford Press once again priced it affordably with students in mind without sacrificing production quality (honestly, it’s gorgeously produced). This is my 25th book publication! It’s hard to believe, but it feels like a milestone worth enjoying. I’ve done an in-depth, exclusive interview that I’ll share on my social media once it’s released. We looked at the new book, my entire catalogue, and covered ground including what I’ve learned about publishing, mistakes authors make, academic critique, the academic award system, social media snark, and more. Look forward to sharing it.

You can see I’ve been busy! That said, I’m looking forward to spending the rest of the summer reading and writing. I hope you’re all having a wonderful, inspiring summer too, or whatever season you find yourself in.

Love and light,

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