Shooting Stars is out!!!!!

My new novel Shooting Stars is out! To say this was an unexpected project and a gift, would be an understatement. I’d like to share how this love story came to be. This fall through spring I had a creative burst like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. A novel came to me in a complete, immersive way I can only describe as spiritual. I didn’t speak to anyone, respond to emails, and I hardly slept. Ten days later, the novel was drafted. It was the most joyful, engaging, and cathartic experience of my life. I didn’t know what to do with myself, so after a day passed, I began writing again. Fourteen days later, the second novel was drafted. Fast forward, there are now five in total. They’re unlike anything I’ve done before. It’s a love story that came straight from the deepest part of my soul. Really, it’s a love letter to love itself, in all its forms. Each book takes place a year after the last and explores love and another topic. The first novel, called Shooting Stars, explores love and healing. I’ve never been more excited to share something. These characters have embraced me in the warmest hug I’ve ever felt. I hope they do the same for others.Shooting Stars front cover

Here’s a synopsis:

Tess Lee is a novelist. Her inspirational books explore people’s innermost struggles and the human need to believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Despite her extraordinary success, she’s been unable to find personal happiness. Jack Miller is a federal agent. After spending decades immersed in a violent world, a residue remains. He’s dedicated everything to his job, leaving nothing for himself. The night Tess and Jack meet, their connection is palpable. She examines the scars on his body and says, “I’ve never seen anyone whose outsides match my insides.” The two embark on an epic love story that asks the questions: What happens when people truly see each other? Can unconditional love change the way we see ourselves? Their friends are along for the ride: Omar, Tess’s sarcastic best friend who mysteriously calls her Butterfly; Joe, Jack’s friend from the Bureau who understands the sacrifices he’s made; and Bobby, Jack’s younger friend who never fails to lighten the mood. Shooting Stars is a novel about walking through our past traumas, moving from darkness to light, and the ways in which love – from lovers, friends, or the art we experience – heals us. Written as unfolding action, Shooting Stars is a poignant novel that moves fluidly between melancholy, humor, and joy.

My heart is filled from the praise we’ve been receiving. Early reviewers have called Shooting Stars “beautiful,” “resonant,” “haunting,” “one of the grandest love stories of all time,” and “Leavy’s most powerful work to date.” One reviewer wrote, “The deepest cuts came from Leavy’s frankly audacious creation of space for trauma processing and healing.”

I’m in love with these characters and the message of this novel. Now, more than ever, we need to feel closeness and connection. That’s what these characters have brought me and I hope they do the same for others. Please pick up a copy at amazon:

As for what’s next, I have two nonfiction releases later this summer: the second edition of The Oxford Handbook of Qualitative Research and the third edition of Method Meets Art. As for fiction, there are four more novels in the Tess Lee and Jack Miller serial. I’ve loved following these characters on their journey and I hope you do too. I’ll let you know all about the second release when I’m able to. Until then, back to my writing hole… who knows what I’ll come up with next.

Love and light,

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