Method Meets Art Interview

As a part of the series of author interviews I am doing with columnist, Michelle Arana, we did an exclusive interview about Method Meets Art. For me, this was a special interview. Method Meets Art is probably the book I am best known for and it certainly was a labor of love and career-turning point for me, so it was an honor to have a chance to look back and talk about the book in the larger context of growth in the arts-based research movement.  The timing was also serendipitous. The interview was planned before Guilford asked me to write a second edition of MMA. So it’s fair to say this book is front and center on my mind. In the interview as I share some of my hopes and concerns for the arts-based community, highlighting the need for leaders in the field to work together to continue to increase the legitimacy and momentum of our work. If we do this, the result will be greater than the sum of our individual works. You can read the full interview here:

In honor of the interview and in celebration of the upcoming new edition, Guilford is offering 25% off Method Meets Art if you buy it directly from the publisher and use promo code BF6.

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