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sabbatical beautyI’m excited to share a really fun limited partnership for this spring. I’m collaborating with a beauty company on a literary themed skincare and novel collection. This is one of those unique, fun opportunities that you just can’t pass up. It is all started on Facebook.

Adeline Koh, Ph.D. has been a long-time Facebook friend. This remarkable woman is both a literature professor and the founder of Sabbatical Beauty, a start-up beauty company that delivers unique, handcrafted products. Adeline contacted me to say she was interested in using my novel Low-Fat Love as her spring book pick for her beauty customers. Obviously I was enormously flattered and jumped on board. The company’s “Breathe” package offers skincare products inspired by themes in literature. One version of the package includes a copy of Low-Fat Love. To me, this is the perfect pairing. Low-Fat Love encourages women to stop settling in love and life and know they deserve more, and Sabbatical Beauty products are intended to support personal well-being. I’m really excited that we’ll be holding a Skype book club meeting with the “Breathe” customers after they’ve read my novel. You can pick up the “Breathe” package here, or search for other goodies from Sabbatical Beauty.

I was excited about this pairing just because it’s something cool and different. Adeline frequently uses themes in literature in her beauty products which I find incredibly creative. But this adventure has gone way beyond fun. Both of our companies have released various press releases about this special collaboration and to our great surprise, the media have picked up and redistributed our releases widely. So far our releases have been redistributed by more than 300 media outlets including CBS, ABC, NBC, LA Daily News, The Denver Post, The Boston Globe (my hometown news source) and other outlets all over the USA and abroad (from Europe to India). It’s been exciting. You can read some of the press here:

I want to extend my appreciation to Adeline Koh. I’m absolutely tickled by this unexpected collaboration. I have so much admiration for Adeline’s ethical and creative approach to her business. She has such vision. I’m also touched and humbled that Low-Fat Love continues to garner interest and attention. That book will always have a special place on my heart. Likewise, I’m delighted the recent media interest has brought more attention to the Social Fictions series, which remains my proudest achievement. I’m grateful for every opportunity to talk the series and the arts-based research movement more broadly. My publisher is grateful as well and is currently offering free shipping in North America on both Low-Fat Love and Blue (my latest and fave). Although each novel can be read on its own, together they tell a complete story, representing two ends of a continuum about relationships, identity and how pop culture shapes our stories. You can take advantage of free shipping here:

As for me, it’s back to my writing hole. I have many projects in the works, including a special release this June in time for summer reading. That will be my 20th book publication. Can’t wait to share more. I also look forward to talking about Blue, fiction as a research method and arts-based research at conferences this spring and summer. Please come see me on the road if you can. I’ll be signing copies of Blue.

Love and Light,


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