Wow!!! I’m humbled and overjoyed to learn that Research Design has been certified as an Instant Bestseller. I originally had the idea for this book more than twenty years ago when I was an undergrad. The idea lived and matured in me for a long time. I consider this book my greatest professional achievement. I truly hope it is of value to professors, students, and researchers. I extend my deep appreciation to the entire team at Guilford Press for their exemplary work. Research Design is beautifully produced. I’m also enormously grateful to early readers who have picked up a copy and professors who are considering it for their courses. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

To celebrate this milestone I held a raffle on my Facebook page and ultimately gave one lucky winner signed copies of Research Design and Method Meets Art. To continue the celebration, Guilford Press is happy to offer 25% off ALL of my Guilford titles (includes free shipping in the US & Canada). Please take advantage. Use promo code AF25PL (valid through Sept. 1).
Research Design:
My Guilford Titles:

On a personal level, this wonderful embrace by early readers is especially meaningful to me because I’ve had a difficult year. I was truly devastated this spring to cancel all of my book events for Research Design when I needed to undergo surgery on my spine. I’m doing well now and can’t overstate how much I appreciate your support. When I was dealing with my health, I did have a chance to do a couple of interviews about Research Design and I’m happy to share those here:

My thanks to these outlets for being will to have conversations about contemporary knowledge-building practices and for supporting this work. As I said in one of the interviews, “I know the term research methodology doesn’t sound very sexy, and so the subject often goes under the radar. But our methods practices are complicit in knowledge production world-wide with pervasive real-world implications. These issues ought to be brought into the light.”

Thank you all for your incredible support. It means the world to me. More soon.

Love and Light,

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