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HISTORIC SALES, AWARD NOMINATIONS, AND MORE. My mind is blown. I am so grateful, humbled and energized. It’s been a really exciting time and I have lots of good news to share.

With approximately a thousand books in their catalogue, Sense Publishers is the fastest-growing international publisher of books in educational research, and I am proud to work with them. I recently received news of historic book sales for Sense, and I am overjoyed. My three books with Sense — Low-Fat Love (2011), American Circumstance (2013), and Gender & Pop Culture (2014, edited with Adrienne Trier-Bieniek)– have broken several records and made sales history. Records broken:

• all three titles are among Sense’s best-sellers for 2014– no other Sense author or editor has had simultaneous best-sellers
• all three are among the top five sellers of the year (with two holding the top two slots)
• all three are among Sense’s best-selling titles of all time
Low-Fat Love is Sense’s #1 selling title of all time
• If Low-Fat Love drops to the #2 position, it will be succeeded by another one of my titles

It’s important for me to embrace this moment because in reality, many people work on a book and this success belongs to each and every one of them. The author may be team captain, but books happen because of team efforts. My thanks to everyone at Sense Publishers, my colleagues and collaborators, reviewers, my incredible assistant Shalen Lowell and my amazing writing buddy, Celine Boyle. I am profoundly grateful to the readers and professors who have taken a chance on these books. Thank you!

My work with Sense continues not just as an author, but also a series editor, creating spaces for others to publish their work. I am thrilled that in 2014 the Social Fictions series continued to see rapid growth, releasing and signing new books. My little labor of love is Sense’s most popular and fastest-growing series. We also released two new titles in the Teaching Gender series, launched the Teaching Race & Ethnicity series and created the forthcoming Teaching Writing series. I look forward to working with authors signed to these series and assisting them as they make their visions reality.

A professional highlight of 2014 was receiving the Special Achievement Award from the American Creativity Association in recognition of my work advancing arts-based research. I was humbled to receive that award as a representative of the arts-based research community. I am grateful that ACA chose to recognize arts-based research in this way and I appreciate their acknowledgement of the Social Fictions series as “ground-breaking.” I recently learned that I have been nominated for 4 2015 AERA awards. Nominations:

• The Tom Barone award for Arts-Based Educational Research
• The Distinguished Contributions to Educational Research in Education Award
Fiction as Research Practice, Division D Methodology Award, lifetime achievement in qualitative research
The Oxford Handbook of Qualitative Research, Outstanding Qualitative Book of the Year

There are so many who ought to have their work recognized and I am deeply honored to be included. To those who have written letters on my behalf, I can’t tell you how much your support means to me. So touching. Thank you!

Adrienne Trier Bieniek and I are also delighted that our book Gender & Pop Culture has been nominated for the “Best Edited Volume 2015 Award” given by the Popular Culture and American Culture Associations. Thank you to the contributors and early reviewers!

For me, much of 2014 has been about revision. In January 2015 Guilford Press and I are delighted to be releasing Method Meets Art: Arts-Based Research, the Second Edition. People have been asking me to write a new edition for a while. I finally felt the time was right. My experiences over the past few years, particularly travelling to speak about arts-based research, have shown me the incredible growth in the field. I have thoroughly revised the book and I think it is much stronger. In the new edition I pay significant attention to public scholarship, issues of audience and I have new features including coverage of fiction as a method, film and a whole chapter devoted to evaluation criteria. The new edition is already available for pre-order and you can read advance praise as well. I must say, I am overwhelmed by the sea of love ushering this new edition out into the world. Deep gratitude to the scholars who have offered endorsements.

I am also tickled to be releasing Low-Fat Love: The Expanded Anniversary Edition in early 2015, a year earlier than initially planned thanks to reader interest. I have worked hard to refine the novel and add bonus content including an afterword, answers to questions posed by readers around the world, ideas for classroom use, and more. For me, this anniversary edition is a love letter to readers who embraced the original and new readers who may discover it for the first time. We will get it out before Valentine’s Day.

I learned so much in 2014 through the art of going back and revising. Now it is time to move forward, explore new directions and push myself intellectually and artistically. I have several book projects in the hopper including the most challenging nonfiction book I have ever taken on, an inspiring collaboration with a visual artist, an edited volume, and more. I need to keep some of the details private for now… it’s a moment when I need to crawl into a private writing hole and nurture the work.

2014 has been an extraordinary year. I am looking forward to 2015– releasing two second editions, conference travel, speaking engagements and lots and lots of writing. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your interest and support. I am so grateful. To my fellow ABR warriors, this is an exciting time for all of us– the field is just starting take off. Stay tuned for some surprises next year. #SecretBookProjects

Love and Light,

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