Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I’m so excited to start 2014. This is going to be a busy year. I think it’s a good time for a brief look back and forward.

Last year was a special year as I released my novel, American Circumstance, which was a true labor of love. The response so far has been incredible and I am so touched. I also released Fiction as Research Practice in 2013. I’m so proud of that book, which I believe is the first of its kind. I hope the book is of value to scholars, artists and writers, who are blurring boundaries and trying to engage new audiences with their work. 2013 was also a busy year in terms of travel. I was fortunate to speak at various universities in North America and at international conferences in the arts, humanities and social sciences. Thank you to everyone who has invited me to their campus or event and to all those who came to hear my talks and join in conversations together. I was fuelled by our conversations. 2013 was also a big year as I expanded my partnership with Sense Publishers. I am now editing 3 book series for Sense and I look forward to our continued work together. Finally, I want to thank everyone who interviewed me last year with a special nod to Michelle Arana at The Examiner for her ongoing exclusive series of author interviews with me.

Looking forward 2014 is filled with promise. In the next couple of months I look forward to releasing two new books. First, my co-edited volume with my friend and colleague Adrienne Trier-Bieniek, Gender & Pop Culture: A Text-Reader, will be released by Sense later this winter. This book was a wonderful collaborative experience that afforded me an opportunity to document what I spent more than a decade teaching. I’m thrilled with the end result and delighted that we have received advance praise from Jean Kilbourne, Lisa Wade, Anne Harris and others. In April Oxford University Press will release the edited volume I have been working on for years: The Oxford Handbook of Qualitative Research. The collection is a part of their impressive Oxford Library of Psychology and I am eager to finally be able to share this collection with others. I was honored to be invited to edit this book and even more so when established and emerging leaders in the field agreed to write chapters. My daughter Madeline Leavy-Rosen’s original art adorns the cover of the handbook which is the cherry on the sundae. I couldn’t be more pleased with the handbook we have all worked so hard on.

My primary work in 2014 will be to continue to promote American Circumstance (my personal favorite of my books). A mini book tour in New England is in the works so fingers and toes crossed that the scheduling works out. We’re also launching a trade promotion with BITCH magazine and BUST magazine– both outstanding feminist publications I am delighted to be associated with. In honor of our trade campaign Sense has reduced the price of American Circumstance and Low-Fat Love to $15 for all of 2014. I am thrilled this will give more people a chance to read these books (go to amazon). This year I will also be completing the second edition of Method Meets Art for Guilford Press. The process of revising this book has been surprisingly rewarding and I look forward to sharing the result. I will also be busy on a new book methods book for Guilford which is giving me a chance to work with my long-time friend and colleague, editor extraordinaire C. Deborah Laughton (AKA: the woman who launched my career). Several other book projects are in the works (but I have to save something to share later). I also look forward to continuing to grow my book series and to many new launches this year. Finally, I plan to continue to do all I can to promote arts-based research and public scholarship. Toward that end I will continue to speak at conferences and write op-eds on these topics. I also already have busy interview schedule lined up. I’ll share those stories as they’re released. In that spirit here is my first published interview in 2014 with The Sociological Imagination (it focuses on arts-based research, the Social Fictions series and public scholarship).


From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your support and interest in my work. I look forward to a great year and wish the same for you.

Love and Light,


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