Double Release!!!

I am absolutely thrilled to announce the release of two new book editions.

Guilford Press and I are delighted to release Method Meets Art: Arts-Based Research Practice Second Edition. Arts-based researchers are among the most generous in the world. I am so grateful to the many students and colleagues who sent in references and samples of their work and to the many who responded to my pleas for help. I could not have done this revision without your generosity! Synthesizing the work being done in the field was not an easy task thanks to the amazing growth in the field since the first edition came out. I have done my best and sincerely hope the book is of use to others. You can learn more about the new content, read advance praise or order the book here (in honor of the release Guilford is offering free shipping and an automatic discount):

With two new releases out at the same time, it’s been a busy time doing interviews. I will share those on social media as they become available. For now, my thanks to ARTSPHORIA for taking the time to chat with me about the arts and the power of arts-based research. You can read that interview here:

Sense Publishers and I are also overjoyed to release Low-Fat Love: Expanded Anniversary Edition. I am so grateful to the readers around the world that have shared kind words and often their own personal stories with me since the first edition came out. I must admit though that I always hoped for a do-over. The novel needed a thorough copyediting and some other refinements. I took that task of revising this novel very seriously, seeking professional assistance and reading and re-reading every line many times to offer the best version of the book I was able to, while maintaining the integrity of the story and characters as they were initially penned. I am truly over the moon to be able to put out the new version. In addition to fine tuning the novel, I am also happy to offer bonus content including an afterword, a Q&A, and ideas for classroom use across the disciplines. My thanks to the team at Sense Publishers for all of their work rushing the book to press in time for Valentine’s Day. Special thanks to Jolanda Karada for her exemplary production assistance and Peter de Liefde for his continued support of my work and artist-scholars all over the world. I am presently doing interviews about why I wanted to revise this book, what the process entailed and the low-fat love lessons I have learned. I will share those as they become available. You can read more about the novel, read advance praise or order the book here (Sense is currently offering free shipping):

I have to admit, it was daunting going back and revising the two books I am most closely identified with. It was also liberating. I am proud of the revisions and genuinely at peace with the books now. I sincerely hope readers enjoy them. Thank you for all of your support!

In addition to my writing projects, the conference and book talk season has begun. I’ve recently returned from delivering the keynote address at The Qualitative Report conference in Florida. It was a thrill to finally meet journal editor Ron Chenail in person (he published my work when few would). My talk was about arts-based research and for the first time, I shared some of the new work I am doing inspired by responses to Low-Fat Love (a collaboration with visual artist, Victoria Scotti). I will be giving many more talks about arts-based research and my latest books February through May so please check the appearances tab for more info.

Now, to the real work… new books. As you may know, I have signed a contract with Guilford Press to edit the Handbook of Arts-Based Research. I am also working on several other book projects… but those are under wraps for now. Back to work. # SecondChances #SecretBookProjects

Love and Light,

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