Creativity Award

I am honored to share that I accepted my Special Achievement Award from the American Creativity Association on September 12th at their annual conference in Philadelphia. It was such a joyful and humbling experience. They said my award was for “special and extraordinary advancement of arts-based research and the ground-breaking Social Fictions series.”

I promised to share the details so here you go. As I approached the podium to accept the award I made a concerted effort to think about every graduate student or early career researcher who evACA awardser told me about how they feel unsupported at their institution or afraid or unable to do the work they want to do. I tried to channel the energy of the moment to them. This was my acceptance speech:

“Thank you to the American Creativity Association for this honor and for all of the wonderful work you do promoting innovation across the disciplines. I am happy to accept this award as a representative of the arts-based research community and on behalf of the Social Fictions authors, my publishing partners, and creative researchers everywhere. And to those working on the margins or trying to change what the margins are, keep going. Thank you so much!”

For me, the greatest joy in this lovely acknowledgement from the ACA is that it shines a spotlight on arts-based research, further legitimizing the field. I was truly honored to accept the award in that spirit.

I want to extend my appreciation to all those in the media who have taken the time to talk with me about the award, arts-based research and the Social Fictions series. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to share more about ABR with different communities. Of course I am honored for any chance to highlight the Social Fictions series that I am so proud of. The Social Fictions series is a group effort and I extend much gratitude to the authors and the entire team at Sense Publishers, led by the fearless Peter de Liefde. This has been a labor of love for us all.

It’s difficult to keep up with all of the press but here are a few of the interviews I have given and profiles that have been published to date.

I also need to extend a huge thank-you to Shalen Lowell, assistant extraordinaire. Without her tireless efforts behind the scenes none of this would be possible.

To ABR warriors everywhere, please take this recognition as validation of the path-breaking work you are doing. But there is much more to do as we carve new paths, build knowledge in new shapes, expose false polarizations between ways of knowing, and expand existing publishing and funding structures. So, we best get to it. Thank you for your support on this journey and please know I stand with you too. Oh, and did I mention that I have some exciting new projects in the works? More soon…

Love and Light,

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