Candy Floss Collection!!!!!

I’m absolutely delighted to share my latest release, a long-time in the making. Candy Floss Collection is a set of three previously released novels: Low-Fat Love, Blue, and Film. Together these novels create an overarching message about what it truly means to live a “big life” and the kinds of relationships we need with others and ourselves along the way. This is not a traditional trilogy. I view this collection as installation art. In this collection, we follow each female protagonist and cast of offbeat characters as they search for love, friendship, and a sense of self. The characters must learn to mind the gap between their lives as they are and as they wish them to be, to chase their dreams even as they stumble on their insecurities, and to never settle for low-fat love. Along the way, characters are imaged in the glow of television and movie screens, their own stories shaped and illuminated by the stories in pop culture. Set in contemporary New York and Los Angeles, with special tributes to 1980s pop culture, each novel questions and celebrates the ever-changing cultural landscape against which we live our stories, frame by frame. There are many messages in this collection, but the overarching statement is: we are possibilities.9789004428256_pb_cover_cmyk.indd

I put this collection out for both old and new readers. The novels have each been revised and there’s a new preface and afterword. Beyond those revisions and additions, there are nuances in each novel that are signposted in the others—so you see more, when you read them as a collection. Moreover, there is a larger story and message—an arc— that is only revealed when all three are experienced chronologically. Putting out this book completes a work, a decade of writing, and a lifetime of thinking about certain themes. I’m very grateful my publisher, Brill/Sense, allowed me the opportunity to present my full artistic vision. It’s rare for authors. When you think about it, other artists do this all the time. For example, musicians often put out different versions of their work, whether it’s new recordings, live recordings, cover songs, or boxsets or other “greatest hits” compilations. We accept that a song with good bones can be interpreted in different ways. This is true for every art form, fiction included. I’ve rewritten or retooled my fiction before. For example, this collection actually includes the third published version of Low-Fat Love, and each one is different. I think it’s easier for us to accept with music perhaps because of its ephemeral nature. Fiction is printed in black ink, but the possibilities are endless.

Please pick up a copy at Amazon.

For me, this collection puts an exclamation point on a decade of my work. I’m so excited to share it in this special format. And I can’t wait for what’s next. Stay tuned… and thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming along with me on this journey.

Love and light,

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