SOCI-Leavy-PB 1.inddBlue!!!!! I am thrilled to announce the release of Blue, my new novel. Blue is the latest book in the Social Fictions series and the first of my secret book projects to be revealed. If you follow me on Facebook you already know I have never been more excited for a book release. This little book means so much to me. I started writing Blue on a really emotional day. My daughter’s biological father died after a long battle with cancer. I was home alone and needed a way to get through the day. Creativity is always my path. I got a midnight blue notebook and wrote all of the colors flooding my mind. They were all shades of blue. I was listening to a Tori Amos song “Garlands” which takes place in Washington Square Park in New York City. All of a sudden I had a theme and location. Notwithstanding the grief that inspired me to pick up my pen that day, Blue is the most lighthearted and joyful of my novels. I realize now that I wrote it to remind myself that we are possibilities. I wrote it to remind myself of beauty, hope and our power to make choices each day of who want to be. Blue was a love letter I wrote to myself and I’m overjoyed to share it with others.

Here’s a synopsis from the back cover:

Blue follows three roommates as they navigate life and love in their post-college years. Tash Daniels, the former party girl, falls for deejay Aidan. Always attracted to the wrong guy, what happens when the right one comes along? Jason Woo, a lighthearted model on the rise, uses the club scene as his personal playground. While he’s adept at helping Tash with her personal life, how does he deal with his own when he meets a man that defies his expectations? Penelope, a reserved and earnest graduate student slips under the radar, but she has a secret no one suspects. As the characters’ stories unfold, each is forced to confront their life choices or complacency and choose which version of themselves they want to be. Blue is a novel about identity, friendship, figuring out who we are during the “in-between” phases of life, and the search for people who “get us.” The characters in Blue show how our interactions with people often bump up against backstage struggles we know nothing of. Visual art, television and film, appear as signposts throughout the narrative, providing a context for how we each come to build our sense of self in the world. With a tribute to 1980s pop culture, set against the backdrop of contemporary New York, Blue both celebrates and questions the ever-changing cultural landscape against which we live our stories, frame by frame. The protagonist, Tash Daniels, originally appeared in the best-selling novel Low-Fat Love (Blue is set several years later). Blue can be read as a stand-alone novel.

Because of my enthusiasm over this book and my desire to share it with others, my publishing team went into overdrive to get the book out quickly. A heartfelt thanks to everyone on the Sense Publishers team, with a special shout-out to my extraordinary production assistant Jolanda Karada who went way above and beyond. I’m also grateful to the early reviewers who have endorsed Blue so generously. Thank you, Norman Denzin, Sut Jhally, Carl Leggo, Amy Leigh Mercree, Laurel Richardson, Adrienne Trier-Bieniek and Mary Weems. I asked my dear friend and colleague Anne Harris to write something about the book and what she wrote was so special that, with her permission, I used it as the foreword to the book. Thank you, Anne! I’m also hugely grateful to the columnists and bloggers taking the time to talk with me about Blue. I’ll share interviews on my Facebook author page as they’re available.

You can visit the publisher’s page for Blue here:   

You can buy it on amazon here (please don’t be put off if there is a “temporarily out-of-stock” notice– you can order anyway– there are shipping delays due to the unexpected volume of early orders but if you order now the book will be shipped to you in 1-3 weeks depending where you are in the queue):

While I’ve been focused on the production and promotion of Blue, I had another bit of excitement recently. I was honored to give the featured interview in the Popular Culture Studies Journal. I remember when the journals didn’t want to publish my work, so this was very full circle. My deep thanks to the wonderful Norma Jones for all of her work on this, and Bob Batchelor, editor and visionary. My interview covered public scholarship (including tips for others), arts-based research, leaving academia, and more. You can read my interview and the entire stellar issue here:

Right now my heart is full I share my most personal work with others. There’s always a gap between who you are and what you’re able to express and Blue closes that gap. Of all of my books it is the clearest expression of who I am. As a kid I had some dreams and hopes; fantasies about possibilities. Blue makes me feel like I made good on my childhood promises to myself.

So what’s next? Something totally different. I’m crawling back into my writing hole to return to work on the most challenging nonfiction book I have ever written, a methods project for Guilford Press. I’m excited about this project because it values multiple ways of knowing (which many of you know is something I’ve been fighting for within my own discipline). I have a few other things in the hopper too and I’ll keep you updated. Thank you for your interest and support. I’m so grateful! #SecretBookProjects

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