Blue Gratitude

It’s been an incredible whirlwind of love since Blue was released. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the early readers who made Blue an “instant bestseller”– a first for me and my publisher. Thanks to you, the book was out-of-stock on amazon and my publisher’s website nearly crashed. No words. This little book means so much to me personally and truly represents a dream fulfilled, so your outpouring of support means the world to me. When my publisher recently informed me Blue broke the Sense Publishers records for both the most copies sold in the first two months since publication and for desk copy requests from professors, I was truly overwhelmed and humbled.

I’m enormously grateful to those who have taken the time to chat with me about this book. I decided to forgo the normal publicity circuit for this book and instead have a few, meaningful conversations. I’ve been asked the best questions of my career and truly enjoyed these heartfelt conversations about this little labor of love. You can check out some interviews here:

The Sociological Cinema also invited me to write a blog about some of the sociology in Blue, which you can read here:

I was also asked to do an interview for The Mary Sue about my book series, novels including Blue, and even my muse, Tori Amos. Adrienne Trier-Bieniek, my close friend and collaborator asked the questions so it was a blast:

It’s been an embarrassment of riches because I’ve learned Blue has already been nominated for five book awards.

The Emily Toth Award for the Best Single Work in Women’s Studies by One or More Authors 2016 and the Ray and Pat Browne Award for Best Single Work 2016 both sponsored by the Popular Culture Association and American Culture Association

USA Best Book Awards 2016 nominated in 3 categories: Best New Fiction, Fiction– General, Fiction– Chick Lit/Women’s Lit

I know people always say it is an honor just to be nominated, but even that is more than I ever needed. Honestly, the truth is that writing this book was one of the greatest joys I have ever known and I am profoundly grateful that someone wanted to publish it, and more grateful yet that people want to read it. That’s all the recognition I could ever want.

As I said recently in an interview with Wandering Educators, books need publishers and readers so I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to the entire team at Sense Publishers. Without their incredible support and enthusiasm, Blue never would have received this kind of warm welcome into the world. Equally important I’m so grateful to my online community for supporting me while I was writing the book and to the many FB friends who have spent their hard earned money picking up a copy, and their precious time reading it. The support means the world to me. Finally, to each and every person who has emailed me during or after reading Blue, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your notes have filled me with more joy than I can express. Images of a woman going through a hard time and sitting in her winter coat amid construction and debris, reading the book for comfort; another woman at a museum café enjoying some much-needed personal time; another woman who saw herself forty years earlier during a special time in her life; and others, staying up late because they just had to finish. There are no words to express what this has meant to me. Thank you.

As for what’s next for me, well, for the last few years I have been working on a large research methods text for Guilford Press. This is my biggest secret project yet. In fact, it is truly the most challenging project I have ever taken on. I lovingly call it “the monster”. I hope to share more about this book in early 2016. So it’s back to the writing hole for me. It’s hard to stay away from the conference circuit for a year like I planned, but I need to do it. I do miss seeing my friends on the road. Thank you for your interest and support. Please wish me luck with “the monster.” #SecretBookProjects

Love and Light,


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