Dr. Cheryl Dellasega

Last night I had a wonderful conversation with Dr. Cheryl Dellasega– the foremost expert of female-to-female behavior. I greatly enjoyed our chat. Cheryl’s body of work on female bullying (or more accurately “relational aggression”) is amazing and includes girls and women of all ages and within different contexts. Great tips and very empowering. Her books cover a wide range of topics and are extremely well written. If you have a teen girl in your life her series of teen novels are terrific. If you have a difficult relationship with a family member or extended family member or you’re trying to blend families her book Forced To Be Family is a must-read. You can listen to our interview here: http://www.audioacrobat.com/play/W6DhqwW90 For more information about Cheryl please visit her website www.cheryldellasega.com

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