Black Lives Matter

My heart is broken today as we learn two more Black men have been murdered by police in this country. In 2016. Citizens should not be killed during routine traffic stops. It’s that simple. This has to stop. People should not have to fear those empowered to protect.

As I send loving energy to the families of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, as well as compassion to all people of color, I also want to take action. Inaction is immoral. Silence is inexcusable. I spent the day writing about this, but in the end, all I really have to say is this. We are not safe or free unless we are all safe and free. Genocide, apartheid, holocaust, state-sponsored murders— it’s all the same, past and present. Each of us is a witness. We can’t turn a blind eye. Safety is a human right. We are all complicit when our fellow citizens live in fear and imminent danger.

To contact your elected officials at the federal, state and local levels visit this website (I recommend contacting your mayor, congressman or woman, governor and senator):

To learn more about the Black Lives Matter campaign visit this website:

To read some of the articles about race I have co-authored with Dr. Donna Y Ford visit these links:

Love, light and peace,


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