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The 2020 American Fiction Awards have been announced and I’m absolutely elated to share that Film won in the category of “Inspirational Fiction” and Candy Floss Collection (3 novels) won in the category “Anthologies.” Film was also honored as a finalist for the International Book Awards in the category of “Inspirational Fiction.” I’m proud of these books and truly humbled by this incredible, unexpected recognition. These books cap off a decade of my fiction writing, before turning to a new style and genre, in the Tess Lee and Jack Miller serial. I’ve also been told I’m the first novelist to win back-to-back American Fiction Awards for Inspirational Fiction (2019 for Spark, 2020 for Film). I’ve always simply written what will hold my hand. If my work has done that for others, I’m truly touched. I’ve loved writing more than anything since I was a little girl. Spending my days in imaginary worlds is a dream come true. This recognition, well, it’s icing on the cake. I’m grateful beyond words.

I also want to thank those book bloggers and online media platforms who have helped spread the word about my latest novel, Shooting Stars, during a time when in-person book events have not been possible. The first novel in the Tess Lee and Jack Miller serial, this little book came from the deepest part of my soul. I love it more than I can possibly say. Wandering Educators called Shooting Stars, “one of the most important books you’ll ever read.” Here are a few of my online interviews and book spotlights:

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Heartfelt thanks to early readers. Your kind notes have meant more to me than I could ever say. Many of you have said you read it in one sitting because you couldn’t put it down, that it moved you deeply, and that you can’t stop thinking about it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Shooting Stars came to me in a bolt and embraced me in the warmest of hugs. Of all my books, it’s the only one I sit down to read myself when I want to feel some of that warmth. It’s a love letter to love. Love heals.

These past months have been enormously difficult as we all try to navigate this pandemic. Like most, I’ve had tremendous personal and professional challenges. All my speaking events and book signings for 2020 and at least half of 2021 have been cancelled. It’s been an incredibly challenging time to release books, especially ones that I hold so dear. I’m profoundly grateful to those in the media who have tried to help spread the word, to early readers for their generous support, and to the awards committees that have bestowed such lovely honors on my work. We all still face many challenges ahead. I’m getting through it the best I can by crawling into a creative writing hole. I feel called to create and I look forward to sharing what comes from these times.

Love and light,


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