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Historic Sales & More

HISTORIC SALES, AWARD NOMINATIONS, AND MORE. My mind is blown. I am so grateful, humbled and energized. It’s been a really exciting time and I have lots of good news to share. With approximately a thousand books in their catalogue,

Creativity Award

I am honored to share that I accepted my Special Achievement Award from the American Creativity Association on September 12th at their annual conference in Philadelphia. It was such a joyful and humbling experience. They said my award was for

Special Achievement Award

Wow! BLOWN AWAY. I am overwhelmingly honored to learn that the American Creativity Association is awarding me a 2014 Special Achievement Award for my work advancing arts-based research and for the Social Fictions series. I am overjoyed that our series

Books, Columns, Travel

It’s been such an exciting time, there’s so much I’d like to reflect on. We’ve begun our trade campaign with full-page ads in feminist magazines to promote my novels American Circumstance and Low-Fat Love. It’s a thrill to see these

2014 Releases & Interviews

It’s been an incredibly busy and exciting year so far and I’m happy to have a moment to share some of the highlights. I’ve just released a new book, done some interviews, published a new op-ed and we had our

Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I’m so excited to start 2014. This is going to be a busy year. I think it’s a good time for a brief look back and forward. Last year was a special year as I released my

American Circumstance

I want to take a moment to thank everyone for the amazing and heartwarming response to American Circumstance and to offer a special end of 2013 discount for new readers. I never publicly pick “favorites” among my work because it’s

Fiction & Research

This is a very exciting time for proponents of fiction as a research and teaching tool. Just a few days ago yet another scientific study revealed the unique effects fiction has on us. Two psychologists at the New School conducted

The Social Fictions Series

It’s been an exciting time for the Social Fictions series. I am so honored to share that I have been nominated for a Special Achievement Award given by the American Creativity Association, in recognition of my work advancing arts-based research

Method Meets Art Interview

As a part of the series of author interviews I am doing with columnist, Michelle Arana, we did an exclusive interview about Method Meets Art. For me, this was a special interview. Method Meets Art is probably the book I