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USA Best Book Awards

I’m delighted to receive three honors from the USA Best Book Awards 2016. Gender & Pop Culture: A Text Reader (Sense Publishers) was named an Honored Finalist in the category anthologies– nonfiction. My co-editor Adrienne Trier-Bieniek and I are humbled

Low-Fat Love Turns 5

July 22 marks five years since Low-Fat Love was released and the Social Fictions series launched. This is so special to me I can hardly find the words. In many ways, I was a different person before Low-Fat Love. Thoreau

Black Lives Matter

My heart is broken today as we learn two more Black men have been murdered by police in this country. In 2016. Citizens should not be killed during routine traffic stops. It’s that simple. This has to stop. People should

Book 20!!!

Eeeeeee!!!! I’m elated to announce the release of American Circumstance: Anniversary Edition. I absolutely love this book and consider it one of my best. It’s also my twentieth book release! When I realized my next book would be number twenty,

Literary Beauty

I’m excited to share a really fun limited partnership for this spring. I’m collaborating with a beauty company on a literary themed skincare and novel collection. This is one of those unique, fun opportunities that you just can’t pass up.

A Time of Growth

It’s been an amazing time of personal and professional growth, and I have so much to be thankful for. I’m still overwhelmed by the response to Blue. Thank you sincerely for making it my first instant bestseller. It is my

Blue Gratitude

It’s been an incredible whirlwind of love since Blue was released. Thank you, thank you, thank you to the early readers who made Blue an “instant bestseller”– a first for me and my publisher. Thanks to you, the book was


Blue!!!!! I am thrilled to announce the release of Blue, my new novel. Blue is the latest book in the Social Fictions series and the first of my secret book projects to be revealed. If you follow me on Facebook

Spring 2015 News

It’s been an exciting time. First, I had an incredible time at the Salzburg Global Seminar in Austria in late February. It was such an honor to be one of 50 people asked to participate in the “Neuroscience of Art”

Double Release!!!

I am absolutely thrilled to announce the release of two new book editions. Guilford Press and I are delighted to release Method Meets Art: Arts-Based Research Practice Second Edition. Arts-based researchers are among the most generous in the world. I